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AS A STUDENT, I recognize the privilege to participate in and enjoy weekly community time. I WILL:

  1. Come to class ready to learn with humility and respect for my tutor and fellow students.  

  2. Be prepared for class by completing assigned work at home, to the best of my ability, and bringing all materials needed for class.  

  3. Honor my fellow students in the community with my words and actions.

  4. Participate in class discussions, projects and assignments, knowing that my own contributions are part of what will make the whole class successful. 

  5. Ask questions of my tutor and parents when I do not understand my work. 

  6. Conduct myself with Christian standards of behavior in class 

  7. Respect the building, grounds, and the staff of our host church.  

  8. Follow all of Orchard Scholé rules.


1. Communicate with tutors before class if syllabus expectations need further explanation or clarification.  

2. Actively participate as a tutor or an assistant in class.  I understand that I am an active participant on community day. 

3. Support the tutor in the classroom by encouraging students’ respectful and appropriate behavior while on campus. 

4. Educate my students during the week so that they are able to fully participate on community day. 

5. Commit to a teachable spirit, learning new subjects alongside my student(s) in order to have meaningful conversations. 

6. Read all Orchard Scholé documents and agree to uphold all  community policies and guidelines.

7. Pay required tuition and fees in a timely manner. 


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