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Orchard Scholé* is a classical community of Christ-followers (see our Statement of Faith), created to adapt to the needs of its families. This parent-run program meets each Friday for 28 or 30 weeks, depending on the age level. While many of its members have been homeschooling together for nearly a decade, Orchard Scholé was formed in 2022.

Apple Orchard
Apple Orchard

What is Scholé?

Scholé is a Greek word that means restful learning. Education is more than merely being productive; it is being faithful with the time the Lord gives us with our children. It is meant to be thoughtful and engaging without feeling frantic. Because true rest is found in resting on God's promises, we believe that education centered on God's goodness and faithfulness will produce children who seek good things. Truly educated children will find their purpose in life and have the skills needed to continue learning long after they leave home.

*Orchard Scholé is not registered with Scholé Communities, though our values align.



Restful. Classical. Communal.

At Orchard Scholé, we believe that educating our children is like tending an orchard. It takes persistence and time. We know that growth is slow and not always observable. But we also know that with routine and a community pouring into our children, there will be fruit. We look to Christ as our guide, knowing he is the giver of all knowledge and the sustainer of all things. 

Picked Red Apples
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